Thomas Petrocine has been running his own marketing and advertising agency, LNP Advertising and Marketing, since 2005, applying his considerable marketing talents, creative ability and unique approach to media to generate profit for clients. Petrocine’s career spans more than 30 years as a copywriter, creative director, and then president and COO of Christopher Thomas Associates, where his clients included Fallon HealthCare, Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Connecticut, Ohio and Kentucky, New England Medical Center, New England Baptist Hospital as well as many nationally recognized consumer brands such as Sears, Reynolds Aluminum and Black and Decker. 

   Applying the disciplines of Active Branding, a trademarked approach to direct response advertising, Petrocine and his agency were instrumental in re-positioning Fallon Healthcare while also rapidly building membership.  Fallon was named “best HMO in the country” by Newsweek and US News two years running while the membership rolls nearly tripled.

    His agency also scored a remarkable success in the branded household products category with Black and Decker, introducing the toolmaker and appliance company to the concept of Active Branding. Using direct response television the agency helped B&D to sell into retail and create customer demand, while at the same time re-capturing virtually all its media expenditures through direct sales. The “Gizmo” can opener introduced in the fall of 2001 was the most successful B&D product launch in over twenty years.

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